Friends of PATA Manzanillo board


Friends of PATA Manzanillo (Friends) was formed in July 2009 by a group of people who became acquainted while volunteering at spay/neuter clinics with Personas Ayudando Todos los Animales (PATA), an animal welfare organization in Manzanillo, Mexico.

This group was very familiar with the appalling condition of the animals on Manzanillo's streets, and well aware of the toll this situation takes on the health of the community, from dog bites to disease. The group was also frustrated with the lack of sufficient funds necessary to help Manzanillo's existing animal welfare programs grow.

These few people shared a common vision of growing and expanding animal welfare programs in Manzanillo, but growth required funds and funds required donors. Therefore, we decided to create the Friends corporation to find donors and raise funds.

Friends is an Arizona non-profit corporation whose application for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status was approved on 9 December, 2009. According to Internal Revenue Service regulations, all donations to this organization are tax-exempt in the U.S.

Board Members

The members of the all-volunteer Board of Directors, Friends of PATA Manzanillo are

  • Carol Hoffman, BA in Education/Languages, retired educator and medical administrator; Manzanillo resident
  • Chantel Oleksin, Bachelor of Commerce/Accounting, accountant; Manzanillo resident
  • Chris Newbold, Senior Management/Geology Technician Certificate, oil and gas sector consultant; Manzanillo and Calgary resident
  • Renee Oveson, BA in English/Sociology, newspaper reporter and journalist; Park City, Utah resident
  • Stan Burnett, MBA, retired USAF, aerospace logistics manager and cost analist; Manzanillo resident

Articles of Incorporation

The state of Arizona has filed the Articles of Incorporation for Friends. They can be found on the Arizona Corporation Commission site. All of our corporation documentation required by the state of Arizona can be found there. This is the place where our annual reports will be published for the public to view, after they are filed with the Commission.


Tax Exempt Status

Friends is a tax exempt charity. Six PDF files supporting our 501(c)(3) status with the IRS are posted here:

  • IRS tax exempt letter: approval dated 9 December, 2009; effective as of 21 July, 2009.
  • Form 1023 Application: the actual application (only first 12 pages required, and the checklist)
  • Form 1023 Continuation: explanations required for items in the application (available via email request to Friends)
  • Attachment 2, Board Biographies
  • Attachment 3, Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Attachment 4, Procedure for Requesting Funds