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What 'Friends' Is All About

With more than 16,000 homeless dogs and cats fighting for survival on the streets of Manzanillo, Mexico, a group of concerned citizen-volunteers organized to raise money to help those who help.

Friends of PATA Manzanillo (Friends) was organized as a stand-alone group whose sole purpose is to gather funds to help alleviate animal over-population and suffering in Manzanillo and other Mexican cities. Our monetary support goes to the folks who perform free spay/neuter surgeries, the ones who rescue and foster street animals, and the concerned citizens making a difference in Mexican communities by spreading the word about animal welfare.

Friends is an Arizona non-profit corporation, incorporated specifically to solicit donations and then to distribute those donations to animal welfare activities in Mexico. Our mission, goals and vision are defined, below.

A mistreated streetcat           A homeless streetdog           A homeless streetkitty           A homeless streetdog           A mistreated streetcat
Abandoned, homeless and mistreated in Manzanillo

Our Mission

homeless cats


The Friends' mission is to facilitate and assist with animal welfare programs in order to reduce animal suffering and improve public health. These programs include, but are not limited to: spay/neuter programs; animal care education; and shelter and adoption of rescued animals.


Our goals are to:

  • Reduce the number of homeless animals;
  • Eliminate the suffering of animals from mistreatment or abuse;
  • Find permanent homes for animals in need;
  • Foster a culture of loving animal ownership;
  • Reduce the risk to human health caused by homeless animals;
  • Expand free sterilization programs.


Our vision is of healthy neighborhoods where animals are treated with respect and live in dignity. A healthy animal population goes hand in hand with a safe and healthy living environment for our community.

As part of our overall vision, we see the animal populations of our communities coming under control and the numbers of unwanted animals lowered to a level such that a shelter/adoption center could be self-sustaining.

Contact Us

Exciting developments are in the offing, so please come back and visit our site, often. We also welcome your comments and feedback. You can email Friends or write. Our contact link is below.